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The simple, free and open source timer for Windows.

Download version 5.0 now.

It's the stopwatch and countdown timer that Microsoft forgot. E-Tech Timer is functional yet simple, with an easy to use interface in front of practical and customisable features. It's 100% free and open source, and extremely lightweight. Every corner of the application is perfected, from the high-resolution timing algorithms to the integration into the Windows taskbar and system tray.
  • User friendly - We've worked hard to produce a clean and intuitive interface, as well as providing detailed documentation.
  • Feature-packed - E-Tech Timer is full of practical features and settings, from the log system to the customisable alerts and auto updater.
  • High resolution - If you're stressed watching five decimal places fly past, you can dial it back to 1/10th second resolution :)
  • Lightweight - E-Tech Timer can be installed in seconds, or you can use the portable version without installation.
  • Integrated - E-Tech Timer is fully integrated into Windows with control from the system tray, also showing the elapsed time, live in the taskbar.

Try out E-Tech Timer now - get it up and running in under a minute.

★★★★★ - "E-Tech Timer's simple but effective features make it an excellent replacement for any standard timer application." - Frederick Barton (FindMySoft)
★★★★★ - "I always lacked a time tool on Windows. This tool covers most of my uses, and it has a very good user interface." - asdandRizzo
★★★★☆ - " E-Tech Timer mixes up a user-friendly layout with several handy features for helping you time your activities, and can be mastered by rookies and professionals alike." - Ana Marculescu (Softpedia)
★★★★☆  - "I was wondering how to time things that happen in many sports, and this stopwatch definitely answers it. I use it for badminton and football, of course other sports can be applied too." - opibidin
"E-Tech Timer has some nice features that make it stand apart from the crowd. If you are on the lookout for those, go with E-Tech Timer." - Ishan Bansal (I Love Free Software)
"A handy and reliable application to time your activities from a user-friendly environment."  -
E-Tech Timer is developed by Andrew Lorimer.
Licence - You may use any of the content on this site for any purposes as long as you cite this website. E-Tech Timer is open-source, meaning you can modify the code for personal use or redistribute parts of the code with citation, for commercial or personal use.


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