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Acceptable Input Formats

Applies to E-Tech Timer 5.0 and above

This page outlines timespan formats that are accepted in the Start At and Alert At text boxes in Stopwatch mode, and Count down from in Countdown mode. For technical details, see the page on TimeSpan.Parse on MSDN:


E-Tech Timer's input formats are a modified version of the .NET TimeSpan.Parse syntax. E-Tech Timer supports a flexible syntax, meaning that some elements can be omitted to simplify the input.

Element Description
hh Optional - hours, ranging from 0 to 23.
: Colon (:), used as a separator. Needed if hours are specified beforehand.
mm Optional - minutes, ranging from 0 to 59.
: Colon (:), used as a separator. Needed if minutes are specified beforehand.
ss Seconds, ranging from 0 to 59. Always necessary.
. Period (.), used as a separator. Needed if fractions of seconds are specified afterwards.
ff Optional - fractions of seconds, consisting of one to five digits.


12:48:54.01 would produce 12 hours, 48 minutes, 54 seconds and one hundredth of a second.
00:01.9 would produce one second and nine tenths of a second.
12:48 would produce twelve minutes and forty-eight seconds.
2.1 would produce two seconds and one tenth of a second.

Many thanks to Alan Patterson for technical advice on implementing the flexible syntax.

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