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Applies to E-Tech Timer 5.0


To install E-Tech Timer, download the installer and run it. E-Tech Timer is honest and secure, so please proceed past any security warnings (for Windows 8 and 8.1 Smart Screen, click on More Info then click Allow). The installer will create shortcuts in the start menu and on the desktop, and place essential program files for E-Tech Timer on your computer.
You can uninstall E-Tech Timer from the control panel at any time.
E-Tech Timer has an automatic update notification system. When you are notified of an update, download the required installer and run it. The newest version will overwrite any previous versions.

Basic Operation

By default, E-Tech Timer starts in Stopwatch mode (counting up). You can switch to Countdown mode by pressing the button in the top left, and you can change the startup mode in Settings (see below).
The times that you specify in Start At and Alert At text boxes in Stopwatch mode, and Count down from in Countdown mode, can be expressed in hours, minutes and seconds, but you can omit the hours, minutes or fractions of seconds. For example, you could enter 10.1 instead of 00:00:10.1. For more details, the syntax is available here.
E-Tech Timer has a log system, which you can use to record the elapsed time or time left. Pressing Log Time will add the current time to a list, which is automatically shown when you log a time. Pressing Log Time does not stop the time; it simply saves the time (unlike Pause). This feature is useful for races, competitions and lap timing. In the log panel, pressing Start / Count Down from Selected will restart the timer from the time selected in the log. Pressing Delete Selected will permanently delete the selected log entries.
Hint: You can use the following shortcuts in the log: Ctrl+A to select all; Del to delete, Ctrl+click to select multiple entries, Shift+click to select entries in a range.You can also use Space to start or stop the stopwatch or countdown timer.
E-Tech Timer has an icon which will appear in the system tray (in the Windows taskbar). If you right-click on this icon, you can control E-Tech Timer without it being visible on your screen. E-Tech Timer can show the elapsed time or time left in the window title in the Windows taskbar. If you cannot see the time next to the E-Tech Timer icon in the taskbar, right-click on an empty space in the taskbar, and click Properties. Change the 'Taskbar Buttons' setting to 'Never combine'.


Settings can be accessed with the gear icon at the top of the window. Here is a description of all of the settings:
  • 1/10th Second resolution - with this setting ticked, the timer will show one digit after the decimal point; when it is unticked it will show five. Ticked by default.
  • Keep counting after alert - whether or not to continue counting up in stopwatch mode after an alert has sounded. Unticked by default.
  • Start timing automatically - whether or not to start timing as soon as the application starts. Unticked by default.
  • Show log automatically - whether or not to show the log as soon as the application starts. Unticked by default.
  • Alert - choose an alert sound from three sounds. Press the Play button to test the alert. Tinkle by default.
  • Startup mode - choose which mode the timer will start up in. You can change the mode with the button in the top left corner of the Stopwatch or Countdown Timer. Stopwatch by default.
  • Reset log ID - sets the log counter back to 0.
  • Flexible Input Syntax - opens a webpage with the flexible syntax documentation.

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